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Acrylic and Oil Paintings on Canvas

Sports & Daily Life

Borned in Sao Paulo, Bia graduated from Mackenzie University and the Pan American School of Art. She has recently completed specialization courses at the State University of New York (SUNY), at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and has participated in workshops with renowned artists such as Charles Warson, Marina Saleme, Sandra Cinto and Eurico Lopes

Art is a crucial part of Bia Betancourt life since she discovered that she could transmit her imagination through pencil and paper as a child. For more than twenty years, Bia has challenged herself to capture movement, energy and colors and convey these sensations in her works. Her paintings, sculptures and panels portray the dynamics of daily scenes, sports, dance and everything that is constantly moving.

Currently, Bia is represented by the Commenoz Gallery in Key Biscayne, Florida and has several large works in hotels, commercial buildings, and works with special projects and to order.


Movements and energies in acrylic paint, oil and glue under canvas


Wires, plates of copper in sculptures that portray the movement and dialogue with the shadows.


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